Eliminate Anxiety & Depression

Dreaming of having a quiet peace-filled mind?

You are not alone. In fact, I experienced anxiety and depression for over three decades which is why I am so passionate about helping you today.

With each set of  audios from Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, stress, anxiety and depression lift gently away, as you experience a calmer state and well-being.

"Jennifer helped me breakthrough years of anxiety, limiting beliefs, sadness, and negative thinking.  Working with her allowed me to let go of years of negative patterns and blocks so I feel happier, lighter, calmer, and peaceful." Karyn Flores

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We want life to be joy-filled. It can be....

The truth is I struggled with these feelings so long I developed shortcuts and tools to help other people move into a state of harmony and happiness easily.  

Life is an obstacle course, filled with hurdles and challenges. There will always be challenges to overcome, but having real tools to use to navigate those challenges like our GPS system to give us the most direct route no matter what is happening right now.

We may feel unloved, rejected or abandoned due to past or current trauma. We might struggle to find fulfillment in our relationships. A lay-off or illness might take away what we worked a lifetime to build.

You Need A GPS System To Help You Navigate

  • Get the tools to overcome life's challenges
  • Find easy ways to move through emotions
  • Become flexible so you can move beyond the turbulence with ease and grace 

Happiness is an inside job.

Pleasing others takes a toll on us.

We can feel like we've lost ourselves leaving us lonely wondering where we went wrong?

Depression is real. Maybe you, like me have realized, that trying to make everyone else happy leaves us feeling miserable, lost and alone.

Most people have no  idea how to release negative emotions that keep them in pain.

Instead, we get really adept at stuffing our emotions with ice cream, alcohol, or other substances. 

We need to get to the root of the issue rather than using a quick fix or Band-Aid for our symptoms.

Anxiety, fear and worry? No one wants to live in fear. Yet most of the humans on this planet have it at one time or another.

Stress when ignored can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and worse. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Learning to be happy in each moment no matter what isn't a skill most of us learned in school. Focusing on our good rather than worrying about tomorrow’s rent, mortgage or other problems is a skill.

Your gift comes from being present in this moment.  These audio courses will help you do just that. You easily release what you don’t need in healthy positive ways learning the tools to let go of the past so you can be happy now.

We put our happiness on hold because we didn't know.

Expecting perfection keeps our greatest success and empowerment at bay. Waiting to be at the perfect weight, have a million dollars or have the perfect relationship postpones joy.

We have to stop putting off our joy until we become perfect or circumstances change.

What's Included In The Clearing Bundle:

Happiness Jumpstart is an incredible 3-part 3-hour audio program that:

  1. Helps you release the burdens you have been carrying around for years
  2. Learn what has been holding you back and have a sense of peace now, and the rest of your life.
  3. Learn how to be in the FLOW State for ease and Grace begin to percolate so that life becomes lighter, happier and easier!

Attachment Clearing

  1. Feel lighter, and more relaxed within minutes.
  2. The energies that have been weighing you down are lifted.
  3. You feel lighter, freer, more positive and happier.
  4. Sleep comes easily.
  5. Greater focus and clarity.
  6. Listen a couple of times a week, after a stressful situation. For best results, sit or lie down to receive the full benefits with headphones on. Do NOT DRIVE A CAR WHILE LISTENING.

Alleviating Depression Level I

Relax and lie back, plug your headset in. You might fall asleep and you will still reap the benefit. Release depression, anger and anxiety in this peaceful meditation. All seven layers of anger will be released. You will feel lifted up, relaxed, as the tension and stress melt away. You will feel relieved, relaxed, understood and loved. You receive an energy clearing to release all these negative emotions that are trapped causing you to feel blocked, stuck, judged, and irritable. The depression lifts more and more each time you listen. Allow yourself to reap the full benefits by plugging in your headset and taking care of yourself by not multitasking.

Alleviating Depression Level II 

In this audio, we take you deeper into depression and suicide ideation. We release all the trapped emotions through The Akashic Records from the highest possible level. All past lives where you have taken your own life are cleared to relieve you of this programming. We let go of promises made and not kept, heartbreak, suffering. The feedback on this audio is that it is a powerful release of the negativity and underlying cause for depression and suicidal ideation.  for those who listen. Listen daily. Plug in your headphones. For best results do not listen while driving or multi-tasking. Listen often and even while sleeping. You will feel lighter, relieved, softer, joyful. Powerful.

Clearing Anxiety, Worries and Fears 

This clearing is done through The Akashic Records which is a healing in itself. The negative programs that cause us to suffer in any way are cleared in this audio. Alzheimer’s Dementia, early death programs (that allow you to live longer) are cleared. A complete physical healing occurs in this audio as well. Blocks to success and core beliefs are cleared which cause anxiety. All chakras cleared and all limiting beliefs GONE!

You will feel deeply grounded, relaxed and lighter as the negative emotions are removed. Fears keep us stuck so that we can’t move forward or even manifest. You will breathe more deeply feeling more expanded, safe and empowered. You will have more clarity, a quieting of the mind chatter allows you to hear your guidance. Whether you understand the words or not does not matter. You will feel a loving blanket of energy that surrounds and protects you. Surrounded with your guides, Masters, Teachers and angels you will feel complete and relaxed. Listen as often as you wish (once a day). Do not listen while driving or multi-tasking. If you fall asleep you will still receive the benefits. You will find life gets easier when you are clear. In a positive state you can now go about your day or sleep deeply.

The Dance of Anger With Clearing  

In this podcast, you’ll hear how we stuff our emotions which cause us to feel stuck, depressed and sick from stuffing our emotions. There is a full energy clearing in this podcast. The energies of hopelessness and helplessness the underlying cause of depression are cleared along with the negative emotions of rage, anger, resentment just for starters. You’ll discover the positive side of anger and how we can heal this issue. Conditioning from our parents or partners  to hold anger in is what causes depression. This is a great learning tool for you to understand your reactions and the past abuse that has occurred. You will learn what to do to channel anger in healthy ways to release it in positive ways.

Transmuting Worry 

This beautiful meditation clears, lifts, restores and allows you to feel relaxed, understood and loved. You will recognize other methods to use instead of worry and will feel relaxed, de-stressed and worry-free at the end. Listen as often as you would like and feel like you have had a trip to a spa, a massage or acupuncture treatment. Use headphones and don’t worry if you fall asleep you will still reap the rewards. Recorded in a studio. High quality digital stereo. This is one of my favorite audios next to the Depression Level I and II.

Transmuting Shame and Guilt 

Guilt and shame are the two lowest vibrating emotions we can carry or hold. Guilt can cause stomach ulcers and acidity in the body, reflux and digestive disorders. In this audio, we release the past energies of these negative emotions from a cellular level. The roots of these emotions may be from child molestation or body shaming or being born the wrong sex or gender or the way we look. We clear regret, sadness, sorrow and not being able to say no. You will feel uplifted, lighter, more focused, happier, relieved from the burden of the past. Listen with headphones and give yourself the gift of your presence and don’t multitask. You deserve to be shame and guilt free. You will feel expanded, restored, loved and grounded in the present. There is a powerful gift in this audio that you receive.

Imagine closing your eyes and feeling the worries of your day gently lift.

A wave of relaxation washes throughout your body, leaving you feeling replenished and calmYou then radiate a serene, joyful energy that uplifts everyone who comes into contact with you. 

New opportunities would begin to come into your life without you even asking for it. The stress on your face softens, you begin to look younger, happier. You sleep peacefully and wake up energized. Life feels much easier. Step-by-step, you would move in the direction of where you want to be!

Right now, your mind is on overdrive.

You turn to your favorite show on Netflix, hoping that it'll help you unwind and give you a break from your day-to-day. 

If only you could feel more like yourself again. You try your best to make it through your day, you don't want to burden your family, friends or lover. They wouldn't understand. You don't know where to start! 

If this sounds like you, I invite you to

Get Over $850 Worth Of My Powerful Programs For Only $77.00!

"I was a mess when I came to Jennifer with uncontrollable crying and terrible depression. I thought about ending my life. Jennifer got to the root of my issues immediately and released pent up trauma. She uncovered my soulful, beautiful side. Depression gone! Crying gone! Now I have tears of joy! I am stronger, recovered and happy. It was like a miracle.”"

Maria Anka, Italy

"Thank you immensely, i dont have the words on how you have truly taken me in like a broken winged bird and slowly you have fed me, nurtured me and healing parts of me which will inevitably allow me to once again use my wings and fly 🙌🏽 "

🙏🏽Jamila Manna

"Thank you for helping me so much. You did one clearing on me and my whole life changed for the better afterward. My depression and anger lifted and I feel stronger as a result. "

I. Basson

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The Depression Quiz is an easy and anonymous way of finding out about your current level of depression. It takes less than two minutes to complete and will provide you with feedback about the severity of your depression symptoms as well as some tips which may help.

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The Depression Quiz is an easy and anonymous way of finding out about your current level of depression. It takes less than two minutes to complete and will provide you with feedback about the severity of your depression symptoms as well as some tips which may help.